After a heart shattering break-up, I swore off dating forever. But then I put down my Ben & Jerry's and leapt back into the dating pool. It's a daunting game out there, and I say it all comes down to chemistry.
Or does it? Maybe we have hang-ups or maybe we're just too picky. In 100 dates, I hope to figure out what it is that makes me - and you - 'click.'

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Day 8: Drinks with my dealer

I live in Amsterdam, and like many of those in the city, I entertain myself with a taste of the local herb every now and again. There's one particular shop where I get my green, and I've built a happy comradarie with the shopkeeper, A.

Today, I swing in for a purchase just when A.'s wrapping up his shift. He invites me to join him for a drink at the bar nearby, which just happens to be my favourite spot in the city so I happily agree.

A. is a Dutch guy about my height, with strong looking arms and a great smile. He's rocking a beret though, which is throwing off his game a little I think, but not by much.

We hang on the bar's terrace drinking La Chouffes and chatting about work. Then he whips out his iPhone to show me pictures of his recent vacation to Thailand. Most of the photos are gorgeous beach shots with him (shirtless) and friends. Bonus, I think. He looks good under that shirt.

We order a second round, but I'm starting to find it challenging to keep up conversation. Not that I have a hard time being social, but I just don't think A. and I have much in common. He is clearly an outgoing and adventurous sort of guy, which I totally dig. But on an intellectual level, I'm not sure if we're a match. Just imagine work-talk. How much is there really going on at the coffeeshop?

A. has to jet after our drinks, so we say our goodbyes. He gives me a kiss on the cheek, and tells me to swing by the shop again soon. He shoots me a smile and a wink and bikes off.

I'm curious as I watch him go. I like A., but yet again I have that 'something's missing' feeling. I'm starting to wonder if I'm being irrational - what's this something anyway? Maybe I'm being too picky. Maybe I'm just destined to be single. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

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