After a heart shattering break-up, I swore off dating forever. But then I put down my Ben & Jerry's and leapt back into the dating pool. It's a daunting game out there, and I say it all comes down to chemistry.
Or does it? Maybe we have hang-ups or maybe we're just too picky. In 100 dates, I hope to figure out what it is that makes me - and you - 'click.'

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Day #11: Burger guy

If you know Amsterdam well, you know where to get a damn good burger. Burger Bar. It's the best. One day I was feeling really hung-over and just had to grab a burger. I'm waiting in line, impatiently, behind a guy dressed head to toe in black (and it's winter so we're sporting many layers).

Me and guy in black start chatting it up, and he's actually really funny. And also, I'm a solo chick in line for my burger fix...I'm feeling a little out of place. He was nice and we were laughing. Then, my burger was ready. I swear there was this one second reaction from both of us, like we knew that was it. Goodbye stranger. I grabbed my burger, smiled and took off.

Then a day later I get an email forwarded to me from the info department at my work. This guy, M., remembered where I work and explained “To Whom It May Concern” that he needed to get in touch with me. It was cute. A little effort always is.

So I emailed M. back and before you know it we'd made a date. At Burger Bar. I mean, it seems fitting. We both like burgers, its where we met. Okay.

So we arrive, and settle into the indoor part of the take-away restaurant. We sit down and M. says, “I got you a present.”

Okayyyy, I'm thinking. And he gives me a fancy, paisley box with a pen inside. A pen with my name written on it. “You said you're a writer, right?”

I did, and I say something like yea this is great. I'm thinking the gesture is sweet, if random. He takes off his coat, and reveals he's actually quite a small guy. I'm a tall girl, but he was a few inches shorter, and even skinnier. But sweet eyes and definitely a sexy smile.

We get food, chat between bites, and soon we get to talking. He's telling me about his work in Amsterdam, in the weed industry. Then he starts wooing me with his “hook-up” and carrying case of full-on joint rolling equipment. I'm a little surprised at all of this, he definitely didn't come off as such a hippie.

And then M. starts telling me about his new meditation obsession. Which is interesting, because at the moment, I'm also through a meditation kick.

He explains that just yesterday, he was at a meditation session. “It was really surreal,” he says, “I was sitting in lotus position, in space and looking down on the world.”

I'm like, Okay.

“And then I shot down from space back into my body and I was knocked out,” he says.

Wow. Seriously. He's actually so serious about this, it's rather funny. And I'm laughing, which I think he thinks is a good sign. I don't think it is.

Anyway, we leave Burger Bar, and I'm sort of ready to head home. But maybe its worth getting a drink somewhere? He looks at me and says, “I don't drink, I only smoke weed.”

I don't know. I don't mind a man that smokes pot, but something about this guy is telling me he smokes A LOT of pot. I'm just not interested in that vibe.

So we say our goodbyes, the typical Dutch three-kisses, and I'm off. So glad my bike is nearby.

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