After a heart shattering break-up, I swore off dating forever. But then I put down my Ben & Jerry's and leapt back into the dating pool. It's a daunting game out there, and I say it all comes down to chemistry.
Or does it? Maybe we have hang-ups or maybe we're just too picky. In 100 dates, I hope to figure out what it is that makes me - and you - 'click.'

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Day 6: Second date

A few days into this blog, we met D., a mutual friend who thinks I'm a lesbo. Yesterday, I ran into him again under slightly different - and more hetero - circumstances.

D. and I are both freelancers and when working at the 'home office,' we sometimes need a break. So, I called D. and asked if he wanted to meet for a coffee. The two of us hit a local cafe and had a little watercooler chit chat.

D. is tall, has an accent, and is a dapper dresser. Today these things seem to stand out a little more and as we’re gossiping about mutual friend so-and-so, I find myself cocking my head to the side a little and thinking, ‘Do I like D.?” (okay, it was more like, ‘Would I make out with D.?’ but, you get the picture).

Now, there is nothing about our hanging out that is overly affectionate or suggestive of any type of attraction – we’re ‘just friends’ as far as I know. But, today it’s like I’m seeing D. He’s a gentleman, has a successful career, seems genuinely interested in me as a person (generic as it sounds, D. really listens to me when I talk!), and he still manages to be awkward in a sweetly immature way.

Both D. and I are talkers, and we easily chat onto another cup of Joe. There's something about this guy makes me feel completely comfortable around him – there isn’t that sense of being judged or the pressure to put up some wall. Before I know it, I’m telling him things I wouldn’t ordinarily tell casual acquaintances, or even some friends, and there is something special about that.

Hmmm, are these just things that I’m looking for in the man? Or, am I actually starting to crush on D.? Maybe it's much simpler than that. D. thinks – or at least thought – I was a lesbo. Maybe I’m warming up to the guy based soley on idea he's not interested in me.

After nearly three hours on this coffee break, we decide to leave, and there's another bonus. We may have gone Dutch on the bill, but we don't feel obligated to kiss three times goodbye as is so common here. A wave and a casual 'see you,' and we go our separate ways. This one really has me puzzled - everyone loves a challenge right?


  1. Ditto, there's nothing like when it comes naturally!